January 27, 2017

Why Shimla

The Queen of Hills, Shimla, is a well-known tourist destination in India. People from all over the world come to visit the city for its historic buildings, architecture, scenery and much more. Shimla has always maintained a low profile, along with the entire parent state. Although it had hosted many important events and been a residence for the entire government machinery for many years, the city had not grown in terms of the educational opportunities. However, the times are changing. With the setting up of many government universities and educational centres, most of them with their headquarters in Shimla, the city has progressed as the to-be educational destination for the students of the region and especially those of Himachal Pradesh. It is not only the technical education but also the various research opportunities that the city provides because of its different environment, which has led to it slowly becoming an educational hub. And having been chosen as the first AICTE-approved institution in Shimla, Bells Institute of Management & Technology is right at the front of the group. We continuously strive to add more value to our courses and make education available for one and all.


Right from its inception, the Society has been engaged in educational services covering wide strata of the society, without any discrimination. The executive members of the Society are eminent scholars, personalities from the field of education, industry, professional and social workers. The primary aim and objective of the Society has been to provide, offer, promote and disseminate education at all levels i.e. primary, middle, higher secondary and higher education. Carrying our vision forward, the Society is in the process of initiating and starting more institutions to promote disciplines like Humanities, Social Studies, Sports, Physical Education, Dance & Music, Craftsmanship, Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Medical Education, Spiritual and Religious Studies etc.

The Society also recognises its duties towards the general public and is therefore ever willing to offer high quality and standardized education to any needy student at the most affordable rates. At the same time, the Society has been mentoring the youths to become highly-calibrated students.

The Society has been engrossed in developing educational infrastructure in the state capital - Shimla. We aim to deliver qualitative education to the masses and help the poor in achieving their goals. Adding to the plethora of opportunities that the Society already offers, is another key decision and target. We have been working hard to bring industry leaders like Microsoft, IBM and Intel at the school level so that children can identify their goals early and start young to make them possible. We are sure that these small steps taken by the Society will help to take the level of higher education in the country to the international standards.