October 12, 2017

Previous Year Question Papers

BCA Previous Years Question Papers

Accounting IVth Semester: Download

Applied English Ist Semester (CBCS): Download

ASP.NET Technologies UG (CBCS) Vth Semester: Download

Business Practice & Management Ist Year (New Syllabus): Download

C Programming (CBCS) Ist Semester: Download

Computer Fundamentals (CBCS) Ist Semester: Download

Mathematics - I (CBCS) Ist Semester: Download

Office Automation Tools (CBCS) Ist Semester: Download

English (CBCS) IInd Semester: Download

Computer Graphics (CBCS) IVth Semester: Download

Personnel Management (CBCS) IVth Semester: Download

System Analysis & Design (CBCS) IVth Semester: Download

Programming in Visual C Basic (CBCS) IVth Semester: Download

Computer Networks (CBCS) VIth Semester: Download

Software Engineering (CBCS) VIth Semester: Download

Computer Organization (CBCS) IIIrd Semester: Download

Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (CBCS) IIIrd Semester: Download

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods UG (CBCS) Vth Semester: Download

eCommerce UG (CBCS) Vth Semester: Download

Multimedia Technology (CBCS) Vth Semester: Download

Operating System UG (CBCS) Vth Semester: Download

Management Information System UG (CBCS) Vth Semester: Download

Data Structures (CBCS) IInd Semester: Download

Mathematics - II (CBCS) IInd Semester: Download

Digital Electronics (CBCS) IInd Semester: Download

DBMS (CBCS) IIIrd Year: Download

File Processing & Business Application (COBOL) IInd Year: Download

Financial Accounting & Management IInd Year: Download

Scientific & Statistical Computing IInd Year: Download

Fundamental of Computers & Information Technology Ist Year (New Syllabus): Download

PC Packages Ist Year (New Syllabus): Download

Internet Technology & Web Page Design (CBCS) IVth Semester: Download

Mathematics - III (CBCS) IIIrd Year: Download

Numerical Methods  (CBCS) IIIrd Year: Download

B.A. Previous Years Question Papers

Environment Studies IInd Year: Download

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