December 24, 2016



To start establish, manage, run, take over and maintain schools, colleges, institutions, universities with an object to provide sound pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary and higher education to the students in the disciplines of Huminities, Social Studies, Sports, Physical Education, Dance & Music, Management, craftsmanship, Engineering & Technology, tele communications, Computer and information technology, Mass Communications, professional job oriented streams, pharmacy, Life Sciences, Medical Education, Spiritual and Religious Studies, by seeking recognition, affiliations, certifications or under own autonomous certification at affordable rates or free of cost in India and abroad.

To start establish, run and manage charitable institutions like schools, colleges, dispensaries, hospitals, old age homes, hostels for children and women, libraries, play grounds, research centers, gymnasiums, worship places and women development centres and to undertake and do all the things as may be required for management of these charitable institutions.

To provide and dissemination of technical and non-technical education, systematic instructions like Schooling (primary, middle & higher secondary) or College in the various fields like Engineering & Technology, Huminities, Management, Mass Communications, Life Sciences & Medical Education by way of establishing educational institutions, web based education and distance education.

To conduct, sponsor and finance research in education and other disciplines mentioned in the Aim and Objects of the Society on different subjects in India and abroad.

To run, give donations and grants, advertise, manage and promote literacy, promoting education in various disciplines as provided in the Aims and Objects of the Society, promting cultural and other social charitable activities by Awareness Programmes, Adult Education Classes, Lectures, Essay Writing, Painting & other types of competitions, Exhibitions, Symposiums, Cultural and Socio Economics Programmes, Child and Women Development Programmes, Cultural and Religious Programmes, Press Confrences and Seminars in India and abroad.