December 24, 2016


Our Library

Encouraging self study and the ability to research on several topics, the library at Bells Institute is the best aid for the students. Here, one can reach out to books prescribed not only in the syllabus but explore to a Libraryhigher degree. The library is set up keeping in mind the courses offered, with separate sections for the respective subjects. Books are easily available on engineering (covering the different trades), management, hospitality, communications etc. Reference books available in the library come in handy from time to time both for the students and the teachers.

In order to encourage the habit of reading, general interest books, magazines on current/world affairs, daily newspapers and various other journals are provided to the students. The librarian along with the assisting staff ensures that books are managed well and whatever is required by the students is made available without any delay. Students can also find their subject related syllabus details in the library.

Adjoining the library is a spacious reading room. Along with the reading space in the library, this room comes across as an added bonus for it can easily accommodate some hundred and seventy plus students. Well lit and comfortable, students ensure they make use of this space not just for studying but for seminars, conferences and other intellectual meets.