January 28, 2017

Activities & Achievements

Events, activities and seminars provide students with the chance to put studies into practice, as well as network with like – minded students and professors. Get involved in such activities and seminars and have the whole world open up to you!

Blood Donation Camp

Bells Institute of Management & Technology, Mehli, Shimla organised Blood Donation Camp, in association with IGMC Blood Bank, Shimla, in the college premise. Students from all the departments participated with great enthusiasm and interest. More than 110 students have donated their blood in this event. Refreshments were also distributed. The student volunteers had also got the pleasure for rendering their services for this good cause.

Chairman of the institute Mr. Sandeep Gupta expresses the sense of gratitude towards all the authorities, faculty members and student volunteers who have supported to make the event a grand success. Altogether 110 units of blood were collected. President of the institute Mr. Rakesh Gupta said that, “Blood donation is considered as one of the most appreciable and valuable service.

This camp is a matter of bliss and pride for us”. Dr. Kanchan Singh from IGMC also acknowledged the blood donors for their precious support in this noble act and said that donors should be hailed as heroes as the blood donated by them may save many lives.

Seminar on Financial Literacy Program

The National Stock Exchange, New Delhi organized a seminar on ‘Financial Literacy Program’ in our college premise. Ms Renu Bandhari, Chief Manager at the National Stock Exchange, New Delhi was the key speaker for the afternoon. She gave a detailed presentation on ? nancial literacy, highlighting the nuances of ? nance and investment.

She shared with students the role of National Stock Exchange and expanded on its current stand in the market. She further emphasized on the role of the investor talking about ? nancial planning, giving information on products available in exchange platform and bene? ts of investments in securities market.

Through an interactive presentation, she was able to reach out to the students and help them be wise investors in the future. She concluded her talk by focusing on some Do’s and Don’ts in the securities market. The seminar in all was an educative one where all the students bene? tted from an insightful afternoon.

A two day Inter Departmental Sports Meet

Polytechnic, MBA, BBA, BCA, BCOM & BHM participated with great zeal and fervour. The Meet was inaugurated by the President of Bells Institute – Mr. Rakesh Gupta who encouraged the students to participate whole – heartedly in the event. The first day was the League Round wherein students participated in different games like Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Badminton etc.

i) The second and the last day of the event involved Semi Finals and Finals and witnessed the winners of the respective games.

ii) Management students won the trophy in Volleyball.

iii) B.Tech. students bagged first prize in Table Tennis singles as well as in doubles.

iv) In Badminton Polytechnic student got the 1st prize in Singles and B.Tech. Student in doubles.

v) The Students of B.Tech. Department bagged ? rst prize in Carom and Chess respectively.

Annual Technical-Cultural Fest at BIMT

The three day Technical/Management/Socio – Cultural festival named as “Gyaan Mantra” was organised in the college premise, Knowledge City, Mehli, Shimla.

The chairman of the college said that the objective of this Tech Fest is to provide platform for the students to showcase their talent with a competitive spirit. The participants, students faculty and management who were part of the events at “Gyaan Mantra”, all enjoyed the show alike and cheered on for all the events held. The main sponsors for this event are SJVNL, ACC, CCD etc. and it is organized by Route 09.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Students organized cultural function on the occasion of Teacher’s Day in the college premise. Stunning Bhangra performance, Group Nati , and individual song performances of students had made this event spectacular. After the performance of students, teachers also joined them and made some performances. Then the students gave different “Title “to their teachers according to their personality. A two day inter departmental Sports Meet was organized.

Civil Day

Bells Institute organised Civil Day in the campus. In this event, Students from Civil department took part in the competition named as “STRUCTURE MAKING”. The aim of this round was to stimulate creative technical skills of the students and encourage them to come out with feasible solutions. The programme was followed by quiz competition. The quiz was so organized that interest of students could be aroused in the subject and at the same time best talent of the college could be identified.

Children’s Day Celebrations

On the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, 14th November, fondly celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’, Bells institute of Management and Technology extended their heartfelt wishes to the students. In the presence of the President Sh. Rakesh Gupta, Principal Dr. J.D. Sharma, Dean Student Welfare Sonika Sood, the faculty of the institute arranged a program for the students.

Educative short films were shown to the students. The President, Rakesh Gupta, addressed the students stating the importance of education, youth, and how such small gatherings bring us together. Varied performances, inspiring speeches and lively spirit of the students made this celebration a gala one.

The students freely expressed their happiness and appreciated the warm gesture of all the staff. The cake was cut for all the students followed by an afternoon full of music, fun and concluded with lunch. Through this day the students went back down the memory lane and recalled their school days equally cherishing the present ones.

Inauguration of IDBI’s Branch

A branch of IDBI has been opened in Bells Institute of Management & Technology. In pursuance of continuous improvements to already built world class infrastructure, opening of the Bank along with ATM is another feather to the cap of Bells institute. More so because ATM is one of the most used tools in the existing economic milieu where convenience and promptness is considered indispensable part of life.